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GT front spoiler apron BMW 3 E46

GT front spoiler apron BMW 3 E46

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GT front spoiler apron for BMW 3 E46 to install easy on the OEM front bumper.

Area of use:
car model: BMW 3 series
type: E46/2
model year: 1999 - 02/2003
specification: Coupe/Convertible (without M-Tech 2 Aero kit)

The front spoiler apron is made of high quality and flexible fiberglas FRP.

Street legal:
The material of the GT front spoiler apron for BMW 3 E46 is crash proved.

Delivery includes:
- GT front spoiler apron for BMW 3 E46
- Mounting kit
- material report

The front spoiler apron is glued and screwed on the original front bumper of the BMW 3 E46.


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