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LENK rear wheel arches Opel Astra F

LENK rear wheel arches Opel Astra F

LENK rear wheel arches Opel Astra F

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Product No.: LT-43018A
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The round LENK rear wheel arches for Opel Astra F are each side about 1 inch wider and suitable for wheels up to 10 inches wide. Another advantage of this wheel arches is the stainless material fiberglass.

Area of use:
car model: Opel Astra F
type: T92
model year: 1991-1998
specification: all

The rear wheel arches are made of  fiberglass (FRP).

Street legal:
The rear wheel arches are TUEV free.

Delivery includes:
- LENK rear wheel arches left/right
- Mounting kit

The rear wheel arches are glued on the body. At 4-/5-door models the wheel arches must be adjusted accordingly.


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