BLITZ side skirts Mitsubishi Eclipse D30

BLITZ side skirts Mitsubishi Eclipse D30

BLITZ side skirts Mitsubishi Eclipse D30

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Racing mesh aluminium
Racing mesh aluminium
Racing mesh black
Racing mesh black



The BLITZ-style side skirts for Mitsubishi Eclipse D30 famously from the movie hit "The Fast and the Furious" provides with the air intake before the rear axle for efficient braking cooling.

Area of use:
car model: Mitsubishi Eclipse
type: D30
model year: 1995-1999
specification: all

The side skirts are made of  high quality and flexible fiberglass FRP.

Street legal:
The side skirts are material proved.

Delivery includes:
- BLITZ-style side skirts
- Mounting kit
- Material test report

The side skirts are glued and screwed on the body.


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